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Learn more about our background as a home care agency.

Mission Statement

The mission of Gentle Love and Care is to provide outstanding In-Home Support to all residents in our service area and achieve a national reputation for exceptional quality and customer service. We endeavor to work cooperatively and as a team with patients, their families, and the support coordinators. We value each person by fostering increased quality of life and independence.

Gentle Love and Care is licensed and insured. All of our in-home care providers are extremely understanding, skilled, and experienced in caring for the elderly, the disabled, and those in need. We strive to set the standards for in-home caregiving by bringing to each relationship we enter a sense of compassion, of upholding patient’s dignity, and of earning your trust.

We carefully screen our staff with extensive background checks, including motor vehicle record history, social security validation, and diligent reference checks.
Caregiver and a patient smiling

Your loved ones deserve to have all the comforts of home and that’s exactly where we’ll care for them. In order to provide top-rate continuity and patient care, our goal is to manage with as few caregivers as possible to cover your needs. We are here 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a health services agency is a task that you cannot take lightly. The health of you and your family member(s) are on the line. After all, one needs to find a good service provider so that one will be comfortable and secure about their loved one’s safety. Locating a suitable health services agency is a difficult task. We are here to make that decision less burdensome.

The best option there is in the industry is definitely Gentle Love and Care. With our staff and the services we provide and reputable history, our company is definitely the right choice. With us, you can be sure that you and your loved ones are in safe hands.